The Farmer and the Cook

Farmer and the Cook
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“Owned by a husband – and- wife team (he’s the farmer, she’s the cook) The Farmer and the Cook is equal parts produce market and Mexican restaurant, with a healthy twist. The veggie tacos are made with local produce, and even the desserts (bird-seed cookies, vegan chocolate raspberry cake) include good-for-you ingredients”.

- Sunset Magazine, November 2014

The Farmer and the Cook is an all-organic cafe and grocery in the Ojai Valley located in Meiners Oaks and a must stop when you come to Ojai. They grow organic vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers near-by. They farm on two well-chosen locations adjoining the Ventura River. They recycle everything possible, reuse waxed cardboard shipping containers, and all sorts of paper for all kinds of uses. They compost all food refuse.

Date: January 09, 2015